The aim of my work is to assist health organizations in their efforts to effectively advise the public on widespread health issues.

Much of my research has examined the impact of provider advising (i.e., argumentation, sequencing, and delivery), its reception from patients, and how to improve both the process and outcomes of medical advising. My other studies have focused on the influence of patient knowledge, judgments, and emotions on the evaluation of health recommendations by the public.

If you have questions concerning past, current, or future research, please contact me at kaf52@psu.edu or through the "Contact Me" page.




Strategic Communication

Theorizing about message production and processing between and within health interactions.

2016 - 2020 (Expected)

Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D.

Health Communication


Understanding the processes of advice provision and reception.

Health Attitude and Behavior Change

Examining the psychosocial factors that drive health attitude and behavior change.

Patient Safety and Autonomy

Facilitating the maintenance of patient safety and respect for patient autonomy through communication.

2014 - 2016

John Carroll University, M.A.

Communication Management, Health Concentration

2010 - 2014

John Carroll University, B.S.